MLG's Final 4 Teams

Sat 2nd Apr 2016 - 8:39pm : Gaming

After serveral days of some very enjoyable matches, the final four teams remaining are: Luminosity Gaming, Astralis, Na'Vi and Team Liquid. Here's how these teams got here.


Luminosity: Luminosity has had a very easy run so far starting off their group A match against a weak looking Mousesports. Soon after LG smashed the Swedish team NiP. NiP's only excuse was their 5th player not being able to attend the tournament due to visa issuse. NiP's coach THREAT had to step in and due to him not playing CS:GO for many months NiP couldn't hold back the Luminosity Gaming force. Finally LG got paired up against a weak Virtus Pro and cut it close. VP took the first map off LG in overtime, but Coldzera and FNX steped it up and carried their team to a 2-1 victory and their entrance into the semi-finals.

Astralis: Astralis also had an easy time taking out Gambit Gaming and the North American team CLG. Their quarterfinal match wasn't an easy one as they played the reigning champs Fnatic. With such great economical damage in their matches Astralis tore apart what many consider to be the best team in the world. 


Na'Vi: Na'Vi didn't have a single close match throughout the tournament after completly trashing C9, Virtus Pro and NiP to make it to the semi-finals.


Team Liquid: Team Liquid was the dark horse in this tournament as many people didn't expect a North American team to make it to the semi-finals. Liquid took down a weak looking FaZe and took it to Fnatic as well winning 22-19 in overtime. S1mple stepped it up and has had himself a great tournament. Liquid faced off against another NA team in the quarter-finals and took down CLG 2-0 to make it to the semi-finals.


Semi-finals start today so tune in to MLG or Twitch to watch the matches live.





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